Why you need special headsets/headphones for running

Why you need special headsets/headphones for running

Why you need special headsets/headphones for running

Running long distances can be boring without a running buddy. That’s why it’s great to take your favorite music with you on an Ipod or Iphone or to be able to have a quick chat with a friend using a good headset while jogging. Unfortunately the headphones that come with most portable music players are of low quality and not really suitable for active runners. The sound quality is usally poor and they tend to fall out easily.

That’s why it’s so imprtant to have headphones/headsets that are made speciially for runners. Good running headsets can enhance your outdoor experience considerably. Here are some features of good running headsets:

Durable – regular headsets are not suitable for active runners and will not last long if you use them outdoors often. You need headphones that will withstand tough conditions.

Secure fit – good sports headphones have to stay on your head and in your ears when you’re running. Regular headphones will keep falling out of your ears or you will need to constantly adjust them on your head, which will make your outdoor experience less pleasurable.

Sweat proof – since active outdoor activities often involve a lot of sweating, good headphones need to be sweat resistant or at the very least they should have replaceable ear pads. Good sports earphones will usually have ear pads made from good foam material that can actually be taken out and washed. Some headsets are even waterproof.

Wirelessbluetooth or flexible cords for easy mobility.

Safety – when running outdoors you should be aware of your surroundings for your own safety. While it is good to have headphones that isolate you from the outside noise while listening to music at home, it is not a good idea to lose awareness of your surroundings while running near moving traffic. On the other hand, if you are running on a treadmill you can get a pair of sports headphones that will isolate you from the background noise.

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