Why Herman Miller Office Chairs Are Worth the Investment

Herman Miller office chairs are to the office furniture industry what Rolls Royce is to the automobile industry.

Herman Miller is an uncontested leader in ergonomic office equipment. They offer office chairs, desks, tables, systems furniture, and other types of furniture, all of which are ergonomically designed.

Each product also has the unmistakable Herman Miller touch to it. Herman Miller office chairs look great as well as feel great. The company managed to come up with its classic ergonomic computer chair design with its Aeron office chairs, but they also experiment with contemporary and standout designs in their other products.

These, along with the objective of designing and building a world more suited for its inhabitants and workers, helped establish Herman Miller as more than just another office chair designer. The company is well known as the leading office chair brand.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

The Mirra chair is similar to the Aeron chair in many ways, except that its design received some updates, all still ergonomically inclined, plus the chair now comes in various updated colors. It also has a lower price than other Herman Miller chairs, which is a welcome change.

The Mirra does not come in different sizes anymore. At first, this may seem like a downside, but Amazon consumers also said that it makes buying easier. Besides, Herman Miller makes sure this is not a major disadvantage by offering two packages: a Basic one and a Fully Loaded one.

The basic model has a fixed seat depth and limited adjustments, while the upgraded one has complete adjustments such as arm depth, seat depth, and lumbar support adjustments.

But still, the back area is noticeably missing the frame found on the Aeron’s, and a lot of people say this is what makes the difference. So far, though, consumers have given the Mirra high ratings for comfort if it is not closely compared to its predecessor.

It is well-recommended by Amazon reviewers as well as by Entrepreneur.com, along with other recognized publications.

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Most Popular: Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

The Aeron series of Herman Miller office chairs, mostly designed for executive use, are the most popular chairs the company has ever come up with. The Aeron office chair is impressively designed from top to bottom, with its frame made of graphite and its base made of polished aluminum.

The people responsible for this design are Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. The Aeron chair debuted in 1994 and is now regarded as one of the best ergonomic office chairs around. In fact, thanks to its near perfect design, the chair is actually displayed at the Museum of Modern Art as a permanent feature.

What makes the Herman Millar Aeron chairs stand out is that many people have found that the chairs fit them perfectly. And there’s no question why since consumers are allowed to choose from three sizes, an offer not available from most other office chairs.

And to make sure the chairs fit the needs of users, it comes with full adjustable options such as:

  • Kinemat tilt – so the body can pivot naturally at the knees, hips, and ankles
  • PostureFit back support system – for lumbar support
  • Fully adjustable arm rests with black armpads

Consumers can also choose from 13 Pellicle fabrics, all of which are comfortably breathable, and from three types of casters, one for standard carpets, one for hard floors, and one for deep carpets.

The Aeron chair may be a bit pricey, even compared with other Herman Miller office chairs, but it has gained such prestige that the price doesn’t come as a surprise. Other recognitions include:

  • Your Company magazine’s “Designs Greatest Hits”
  • Gold winner in office furniture in the “Designs of the Decade” contest by Industrial Designers Society of America and BusinessWeek
  • Society of Plastics Engineers’ International Plastics Consumer Product Design Award

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Stand Out with the Herman Miller Embody

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

Another one of the renowned Herman Miller office chairs is the Embody chair, which, as some online publications have claimed, is the best chair they ever sat on.

The Embody is still one of the office-based Herman Miller chairs, but it is sure stylish enough for a contemporary living room or perhaps a colorful, artsy office. It is clear which executives this chair is aiming for.

The Embody is also the work of Bill Stumpf. The entire chair is made using sustainable and perfectly safe materials; the entire chair is almost completely recyclable.

This Herman Miller Embody chair has a contoured back, a wide plush 4-layer seat, and armrests that are at a very specific angle leaning away from the body in what looks like a relaxing position. The four layers of the seat include:

  • Bottom layer made up of a series of plastic bands that ensure good suspension
  • Second layer made up of a sheet of coils that provide support
  • Third layer made up of a system of hexagonal rings that distributes weight equally
  • Top layer made up of mesh material that allows air to circulate freely

Upon examination, experts were pleased to find that the chair can be adjusted using a collection of seven knobs, buttons, or levers.

The only downside is that this chair is pretty expensive, way above the range of other Herman Miller office chairs, even the Aeron chairs. In fact, it costs $1,600, which is certainly more than what your employer would be willing to pay.

This has its own market altogether, and is ideal for those who spend around 12 hours a day sitting in front of the computer – it’s the only way to make the most out of that price.

But no one will argue that this is one beauty of a Herman Miller office computer chair, and it spells prestige and luxury all around.

A Brief Look at the Herman Miller Chair Company

Apart from being one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, Fortune’s Most Admired, and Fast Company’s “Fast 50” Most Innovative companies, its very products such as the Herman Miller Aeron chairs and other furniture are innovation leaders.

The chairs are innovatively designed using modern and yet to be explored design elements, helping the company stand out among other furniture brands. Herman Miller also has active social and environmental commitments.

Environmentally, the company, since it was founded, has aimed to produce its products without any environmental compromises because of the belief that they are good stewards of the environment.

Socially, the company has many engagements; company employees involve themselves in several causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Women’s Volunteer Day, and yearly “We Care” events held in 24 cities across the US and Canada. These are just some of the social activities joined in by the people behind Herman Miller.

All these and they still have plenty of time and ingenuity to devote to the impressive Herman Miller chairs – that’s quite a feat for any company.

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