Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Computer Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

Placing a desktop computer system in a stylish way is sought by everyone who wants to have a modern looking gaming area. Everyone wants to reserve a corner of his or her room or gaming club for fun filled digital gaming experiences and this Walker Edison’s 3 Pieces Corner gaming and computer desk is for the exact reason. It can look stylish and can serve as a safe platform for your desktop as well.

Walker Edison has given a very sleek and elegant three piece desk to the consumers. On this stylish gaming desk, you have plenty of space to put your system along with the accessories to give it a completely modern and useful look.

Design and Making

It’s a L shaped desk for computers and gaming systems that you can either put in your homes, bedroom or gaming shops or clubs. The desk includes three pieces, two rectangular pieces with 21-inch in depth while a quarter circle pieces are the third part. The steel frame with jet black finish gives the item a very modern look. Besides the look, this Walker Edison Corner and Gaming Desk is also designed for studying with its X shaped legs joined with inclined horizontal bars. The 6mm beveled treated glass tops in black look so elegant and durable at the same time and had the ability to hold over 100 lbs. The sliding keyboard trays along with the autonomous stand for CPU are the extra assets. The tray can be disentangled and attached to any of the arms according to the suitability of the user. The product has 51 inches width and same depth once it is assembled and ready for use.

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Handling and Maintenance of the Product

One can easily assemble the three pieces single handed by reading the manual provided with the product. All the instructions regarding hardware and maintenance are enclosed as well so the user does not have to call an outsourced help to move, reassemble or detach the item.

Advantages of Walker Edison’s Gaming Desk

Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk

Walker Edison Corner Computer Desk

Due to the L shape, the desk can be placed at any corner and it will be fixed for the smallest space. It is free of clusters of drawers, crooks and shelves and therefore gives a neat look. The overall look after assembling is that of a sleek, compact and elegant gaming desk.

Handling and maintaining the hardware of this item is extremely easy due to the instruction enclosed and Walker Edison’s offer to provide extra web based and toll-free telephonic support to customers for assembling and maintaining the product. This stylish, compact and user-friendly gaming and computer desk can be a beautiful addition to any home or gaming zone.

People can also use it for two desktops or monitors if the necessity arises which makes it a very useful desk for those who wants to arrange LAN parties or want to provide extra systems to multiple players using the tiniest space. The product is durable and is something to provide elegance along with being a very compact and useful gaming or computer desk for its users. Those who have purchased this item usually also opt for Boss Black Leather Plus Chair or Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair which really goes well and looks equally stylish with the Walker Edison’s 3 pieces Corner or Gaming Desk.

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