USB Microphone Samson G-Track USB Review

Many musicians device G-Track USB microphone is perceived as. Not necessarily have in a computer or laptop sound card. You can just turn the microphone into a USB port and record. But that’s not all.

Device G-Track – not just the microphone.

This is a complete audio interface.

Yes, you heard right. In this miracle microphone present audio input and output. Besides it is possible to connect an external source such as a guitar or keys. And maybe it will be the soundtrack to “minus”, whatever.

It looks like this. In microphone you sing, play the guitar, the volume of both adjust to each other handles located directly on the microphone. Everything is simple and clear. If at any time the microphone is not needed, the channel embedded audio interface can be used for other purposes. For example, in one channel write guitar, and another synthesizer. You can connect another microphone (if preamp) because audio input is linear. External microphone without preamplifier G-Track not rocking.

In principle, nothing could be easier to use the device. Special drivers G-Track does not require. In Windows XP, in Windows 7, the device is automatically detected and literally in 30 seconds ready to work.

What pleasantly surprised and pleased that the G-Track is completed (in the standard package) with table stand (qualitative and severe).

All sorts of wires attached to it that allows to switching various connection options. It is very convenient. Do not have anywhere to run, to buy something, it is not necessary to solder yourself. Everything is there in the kit. Adapter with a mini-jack to jack, a mini-plug on the tulips, with a mini jack to two mono jacks, etc.

There is an overload indicator and working condition indicator. When the microphone is ready to go – green LED lights, when the signal exceeds the permissible level – LED color changes to red.
If you for some reason do not like the built-in audio interface, you can use other devices. In this case, G-Track will act as an ordinary condenser microphone (and by the way already built-in preamplifier). To do this, the signal from the audio output G-Track, which is commonly used to connect headphones or monitors, fed to the input that you are using for sound card.

In conclusion, we note, that on the market for audio equipment, with such delivery set it is quite unique offer. Yes, it is a miracle. And do not wait for the unique sound of the G-Track. This is not a Neumann. But try to find for this money something better.

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