How to Find The Best Racing Wheels For PC and Console

Racing wheels are gaming tools which give easy to use functionality to complex gaming devices. The market has assorted variety of racing wheels which include simplest controllers to high-end fiber steering wheels. They are manufactured to fulfill the needs of Innovative games that have evolved with the most recent initiative. Racing video games are categorized into kart racing, motorsport stimulators and open world exploration.

Previously, Motorsports fan enjoy gaming actions with analog sticks and triggers. Modern gaming wheels have great input sources which are truly admired by fastest gamers. The racing wheel brands are sponsoring best e-sport players who reach optimal speed by using regular controllers; next level requires a wheel with pedals. The easy flow of controllers helps in gaining few seconds every lap. With the compelled feedback device gamers can exceed to enlist themselves in top racers on the global level.

Specifications of a Good Racing Wheel

The components of a good steering wheel include diverse features that are required for desktops or consoles to give fluid gaming experience. The racing wheels manufactured for PC are also compatible with PlayStation 3 while Xbox requires the separate device. When you opt for a racing wheel for your gaming enhancement, go for the following specs to get the best wheels;

Force Feedback

Though Normal feedback is good enough but force feedback is best as this component gives a sensational realism to feel like you are actually on the road and facing all obstacles that are involved in a real racing experience. A good steering wheel provides the gamers that actual resistance of the font wheels during the turns with the growl strips.


Analog is better and full control than digital. True racing experience requires this feature as a must.


Buttons are useful to avoid the hassle of reaching keyboard to change camera and settings each time. This feature will not only save your time but also provide hassle free gaming.


Pedals are usually required on high levels on specific devices however racing wheels with pedals can give more control to the game. This option helps in accelerate and brake like the real sports car. Those who can acquire this additional item can opt for two or three pedals can do the thing. The third pedal is used as a clutch.

Gear paddles

These are helpful in switching gears just like real car’s gearbox. This is an additional option which not necessary but can add realism in your virtual race.

Changing Gear Stick

Manual Sticks are provided into the simple and H-pattern category. Simple one allows gearing up and down spots while H-pattern can give more realism by providing full control.

Best Steering Wheels for PC and Console 2015

1. Logitech Driving Force GT

Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

This product of Logitech brand is licensed by Grand Turismo series is the best solution regarding affordability with a force feedback. It is provided with a basic set of pedals that not that fluid as expensive ones but better than using a pad. The device requires some practice to have mastery in racing. It is also compatible with other racing games but Grand Turismo 5 can be played with brake bias and traction control with a change on the fly. The adjustment dial works best with this game.

With PS3, this racing wheel is highly compatible as it comprises with almost all top game titles. The configuration is detected and settled automatically with the majority of games and additionally it saves various profiles.

The behavior awareness of vehicle can be determined with strong force feedback . However this model has an average force feedback feature. Small buttons provided at the back of rim are used for changing gears.

These minor drawbacks don’t affect the overall efficiency of Logitech Diving Force GT within such affordable price. This gadget may not provide the gaming experience as expensive ones but it surely is an easy to use and highly affordable acing wheel.

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2. Logitech G27

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

The G27 a Logitech exclusive device provided with the most powerful and premium features to give the best virtual racing experience. The product is manufactured especially to work with PC and PlayStation 3. The wheel rimmed with 11inches diameters can handle massive stress load due to high-quality materials. This feature makes it easy to use especially for beginners. The device has two force feedback motors to make real road feel. The weight shift and traction loss seem truly real with this gaming device. The helical gear system lessens the noise of steering.

The gear shifts are possible in six-speed steps aligned with a push-down the reverse gear to provide a swift gear control. Shift paddles are included at the back of the gadget for firm wheeling experience just like in Formula1 racing. The leather finish wheel and paddles made of rigid steel provide extreme durability to the device. There are also LED indicators supported by software to give the real feel for gear shifts. The control panel is configured with sixteen programmable buttons to provide various driving features to assist in a full action.

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3. Simraceway Steel Series SRW-S1Gaming Steering Wheel

SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Gaming Steering Wheel

SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Gaming Steering Wheel

This is a mutual venture of SteelSeries and Ignite Technologies. The performance is tested by Indie500 and Simracing drivers to provide high act and usability. The wheel is handheld in the feature with the design that allows portability on maximum. Just plug and play into any gaming setup as no pedals and other fixtures are added. The control panel on the wheel provides all the necessary functions required by a virtual driver. It has built-in Simraceway configuration while this racing wheel is functional with the majority of PC games and doesn’t require any additional configuration. Assured flexibility and customization on each control raise the compatibility of this racing wheel to the maximum.

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4. Logitech MOMO Force Feedback

Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel

The leading automotive brand MOMO provides realistic steering wheels and accessories. This racing wheel model assures a realistic driving experience for gamers with the strong and rational force feedback. The rimmed rotation of wheel is up with 240 degrees for extreme maneuverability and functionality.

The pedals are fixed with a floor gripped apparatus while the gear stick can be positioned according to the need. To improve rigid steering the control panel has six customizable buttons with optical sensors and paddle shifters. The package includes the racing wheel apparatus, the pedals, a power supply cable and guidebook for installation.

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5. Thrustmaster T500RS

Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel - Playstation 3

Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel – Playstation 3

The Thrustmaster’s model T500RS is counted amongst the best racing wheel device for PS3. The brand is famous for budget gadgets but this model is exclusive. The realism is provided with the rim which is similar to real steering of the car. This wheel is for expert gamers because of the aggressive and fierce force feedback. Beginners might find it hard to play but experts will love the fluid action features provided by T500RS.

On contrary to true racing wheel, The Shift pedals are placed at the base where you have to take one hand off the wheel during the racing which causes complexity for beginners and a little bit of practice to overcome.

Just like Logitech Driving Force GT, the T500RS is also a signature release of Grand Turismo. It is “plug and play” device for PS3 while for PC software installation is required. The gadget is perfectly compatible with Grand Turismo and Formula One. The Ferrari F1 add-on option can be acquired for a price of $180 to get optimal Formula One gaming. The buttons are replicated same as F1 Ferrari car.

The package is priced with $540 without stick option. The stick is named THR8 and separately sold with the price about $130. The amount is worthwhile for a realistic virtual racing. Shifting gears are optional with sequential or H-pattern modes. The complete package costs around $850 which is a dream come true for professional and expert racing gamers.

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Best Racing Wheels for Xbox

1. HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2

HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2

HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2

This is a beginner’s level basic racing wheel for Xbox360. The pricing is affordable and highly reasonable with the provided features and controllers of expensive models. The feedback, pedals and comfortable grip are features which are provided in expensive models only. The true racing experience can be made through Realistic approach of jumps over the ramp, make hard turns and smash your competitors and wheel vibration on hits is amazing. The sides of the wheel are covered with special material to provide quality grip. High sensitivity is maintained with pedals that are meant for acceleration and brake.

Xbox users can enjoy the maximum functionality in affordable price by purchasing EX2. Its A simple solution for your racing games.

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2. Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

This device is not equipped with force feedback but it is decent gaming controller that does a good job for your racing games. The compact buttons give expected performance. This is a beginner level device that gives controls on basic level and meant for the just for fun players of virtual racing.

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3. Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

The comfortable paddles and premium quality design of this model make it an out of the box racing device for Xbox. It comes with a sold and better grip with the rim that can rotate approx 720 degrees. This feature keeps it closer to the real car steering.

This racing device is customizable for official Project Gotham Racing3.

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