How to Find Best Gaming Headphone Stands

Video gaming fad is on an increase since last decade. The study revealed that approx 3 million hours are spent per week on video games by millions of gaming enthusiasts around the world. Video gaming has indulged its players with the action they want in real life, this is the reason why a huge number of people turned to video games to have a chance to become what they actually idealize.

Gaming enthusiasts embrace the real entertainment they get from video gaming environment. This environment essentially gets a complete realism through the sound. Yes gamers never get in denial when it comes to the audio of the game as it is the crucially important component of a game which truly sets the environment.

Audio is usually catered through devices like surround sound speakers and headphones however you can’t turn on speakers all the time as the other people in the house might get disturbed. Especially at night which is most favorite time of gamers to stay in action while other people sleep, putting on surround sound is never a good option. Therefore, headsets are more favorable by gamers as it also practically involves them with the game scenario.

Why a Gaming Headset Stand is Crucial?

Since headsets are the most important peripheral for audio output. Gamers spent the good amount on headsets to get a durable and quality device for their audio solution. After spending so heavy amount of money on elite audiophile headsets it’s totally absurd just to lay them on the computer side or hang them on the screen.

It is noticed that even some people just lay their expensive headsets on the floor which is really not appropriate; it can surely get damaged by anyone not knowing its presence and step on it.  Since these devices are quite expensive and need special care to retain the quality, so the storage of this high investment must be considered which handy and protective.

To avoid and overcome these unaesthetic approaches, headset stand is the best option. A headset stand surely protects your expensive audio device with prominent display storage. It ensures the idea of having an appealing gaming environment in your home or office. Not only gamers but also those who have a good style-sense will surely adore this idea.

The Quest of Best Gaming Headset Stand

A huge variety of stands for headset are available presently. The markets are filled with assorted stands which can be opting deliberately according to the style, theme, affordability and some existing options. Well, this variety has also brought a big subject on how to choose and which one is right.

To choose the best option while not spending much is to do some research over online shops. The pricing and specifications along with the style options are available online from which we have assembled an overview of the most popular headset stands available in the market.

1. Cosmos Headphones Stand (Matte Black)

Cosmos Headphones StandCosmos is the brand that designs gaming headset stands that are highly compatible with all brands of gaming headsets. The material of this stand is high-grade plastic with a rubber finish. The color is available in matte black which uniquely blends with all gaming setups.

This unique headset stand provides safe storage by avoiding scratches and damages along with protecting earcups from dust.

Additionally, the use of this stand protects your headphones from getting unnecessary scratches over time.

Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy White Musical Headphone Stand2. Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy White Musical Headphone Stand

The name itself suggests the chic quality of this headset stand design and uniqueness. It is amongst the most popular headphone sets manufactured by Cosmos. The material is high-quality acrylic with a glossy piano finish which upholds the musical acrylic white looks to the stand. The durability is enhanced with a 13.4oz weight to provide profound stability.

This headset stand is very popular in DJs initially which comprehensively expands to every gamer and music lovers. The stability keeps it on the place while a bass heavy music and gaming audio is on the rise which is why most professional gamers and DJs prefer this stand.

3. Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy Black Musical Headphone Stand

This is yet another stylish headset stand from Cosmos. The look is immensely chic with a music letter shape which gives a blended look with all gaming setups.

The black acrylic finish gives an ornamental look which unifies with your room’s interior in the most attractive manner. This is amongst the reasons for popularity of this attractive gaming headset stand.

The wide oval shaped flat base is provided to improve durability. Music lovers and gaming enthusiast adore this stand which gives safe storage to their elite headsets.

4. Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand

Ear Force HS1 Headset StandThis headset is was exclusively designed for the Turtle Beach gaming headsets initially but now it is used for any brand of gaming headsets as Earphone HS1 is highly compatible to store all headphone brands.

The design is compatible which easily assembles with the desktop to provide comfortable headset storage. The style of this headphone stand is smart and comes with the attractive matte black finish. The base is integral with rubber feet to avoid sliding off.

Your gaming gear will not only look good on this headset stand but also get protection from wear and tear.Brainwavz Peridot Headphone Stand

5. Brainwavz Peridot Headphone Stand

Brainwavz Peridot Headphone StandThis is the most trendy and stylish headset holder which is popular for its unique design. A complete acrylic crystal clear finish provides a modish look to your gaming and music setups. The Brainwavz headphone stand is totally handcrafted which provides unique variation to every product. The out of the box design gives it a feel and look of a classy decorative ornament.

This unique stand is manufactured by using 8mm thick plastic to provide a solid and durable sense. The sturdy design and finish enhance its stability while the Brainwavz logo adds authenticity to the product. This stand hoards all brands and styles of headphones. It protects headsets from accumulating dust on head cups while providing safety against other damages.

Brainwavz Quartz Headphone Stand6. Brainwavz Quartz Headphone Stand

This is another classy piece of headphone stand design by Brainwavz which suitable for all headsets sizes. This sleek and catchy designed stand doesn’t exert extra pressure on earpads. The high-class material with crystal clear finish brings class to the product where it perfectly merges with any gaming setup and blends with the interior of the room.

The high-class material with crystal clear finish brings class to the product where it perfectly merges with any gaming setup and blends with the interior of the room.

7. Sound Blaster Headset Stand

Sound Blaster Headset StandSound Blaster headset stand is a classy holder for your gaming audio headphones. The design is functional with all assorted headsets to provide protection and safety from damage and tear. It is ideal for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled headsets. Due to a wide base it perfectly stands on the desktop to provide

It is ideal for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled headsets. Due to a wide base it perfectly stands on the desktop to provide home to your gaming sound device.


These stylish and durable headset stands will take you out of the panic on where you should place your headset where it can perfectly get displayed to use easily. These headset stands and holders not only protects your expensive headsets but also add class to your gaming and multimedia setups. The designs are trendy and the durable which gives a home to your hi-fi headsets along with providing safety and protection against dust and damages. While fulfilling the core purpose, these headsets also come with affordability due to their reasonable pricing.

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