Top 5 Cheap Dining Room Chair Styles

Inexpensive dining chairs can gracefully complement any style of dining room table. Choosing the right style of dining chair is the key to making a room flow without draining your wallet. Think of chair styles commonly used outside the dining room for an array of new dining room chair options. Learn about the top five cheap dining room chair styles by looking at the following article.

The Top 5:

  1.  Barstools: Pair barstools with the height of a bistro-style dining room table. These affordable chairs are available with many options, and they’re sold in a variety of heights. Select a barstool with a fashionable scooped wooden seat or padded seat cover. Barstools made from knotty pine are inexpensive and decorative. Select stools that match the color of your bistro table. Common options are black, white or natural wood tinted by stains.
  2. Folding iron chairs: Check out outdoor dining chairs. Built for durability in the outdoor elements, folding iron chairs can easily be used inside. This style of chair comes with a padded seat and decorative metal work on the chair back at a fraction of the cost of traditional indoor iron dining chairs. Pair folding iron chairs with a modern table made of metal and glass.
  3. Unfinished wooden chairs: Select inexpensive wooden chairs made of pine. Opt for high-back chairs with or without arm rests. Finish the wood at home with stain and varnish, sew slip covers or paint the chairs to match the color of the dining room walls.
  4. Wicker chairs: Choose from a variety of wicker chairs. Natural, tan-colored chairs pair up beautifully with light-colored wood dining room tables. Available with wide seats, with or without padded seat cushions, wicker chairs are a comfortable option for a casual dining room.
  5. Medium density fiberboard chairs: Medium density fiberboard (MDF) chairs are inexpensive and decorative. The simple elegance of a high-back chair paired with the sturdiness of wood doesn’t have to break the bank. This type of chair is usually painted because there is no natural wood grain to embellish. Often found in white or black, the simplicity of these MDF chairs can accompany any style of dining room table.

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