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Best airplay speaker – major advantages

The AirPlay technology or protocol was developed by Apple initially in 2010, however the giant offered license for third-party manufacturers to implement this audio technology into their products for compatibility with iProducts and so I want to make a researched selection and establish the best AirPlay speaker.

If you already own some gadgets from Apple and want to transmit your media content in the entire house or you are a passionate iTunes streamer, then this technology is for you. So these speakers aren’t dedicated only to music listening transmitted from the iPhone, iPod or iPad in the entire house, through wireless technology, but they refer to the entire media portfolio. These are AirPlay speakers with graphical displays incorporated and they can show elapsed and remaining time, title album, album artwork, and artists’ names.

One of the best advantages for these particular speakers is the high audio quality and the fact that the iDevice becomes the remote control. Users will control the speaker with the help of the iPhone/iPod/iPad, the signal being transmitted by radio waves (wireless connection). From this stems the second advantage of the best AirPlay speaker: wide coverage range, as extended as your wireless device allows you. So any interruptions will stem from the instability of your wireless connection. From this results that users firstly must have the best wireless router.

Best airplay speaker for the money

1. JBL On Beat Air iPad/iPod/iPhone

JBL On Beat Air

JBL On Beat Air

JBL On Beat Air iPad/iPod/iPhone is the smallest speaker but it’s powerful enough for having a good session of music listening, using your iPhone/iPod/iPad. It also incorporates a dock for the iPhone or iPad, portrait or landscape orientation. When docked, the AC will charge the iOS gadgets. Since their size is relatively small as compared to my following 4 models, I cannot say about the JBL On Beat Air that will help you throw the loudest parties to wake up all neighbors. The wireless range, within which the iDevices can be used as remote controls, is 15 feet (4.6m).

The JBL On Beat Air iPad/iPod/iPhone has a frequency response of 70Hz – 20kHz (the human ear hears the sounds in the following frequency 20Hz – 20kHz) due to the two 7.5-watt speaker drivers and one woofer. The woofer, when it comes to AirPlay speakers, replaces the subwoofer so it has the same function: emitting a really nice and deep bass.

It features a video output so users can also connect their TVs (you will have to but the cable if you wish to do that). The design is amazing, it surely blends in any scenery, the sound quality is really nice, and the JBL On Beat Air is available for only $112, which is an amazingly low price for great audio quality and for one of the best AirPlay speaker.

2. Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone/iPad/iPod + devices with Bluetooth wireless audio profile (A2DP) – this model also fits in an affordable price range ($159). The same model has also been manufactured with iPod/iPhone Dock. This second one is available for $128. Let’s see what buyers get for this price in the case of the Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

First of all, the covered range is 33 feet (10 meters), it incorporates a rechargeable NiMH battery that will deliver some great music for approx. 6 hours and when the battery discharges use the AC power supply (6-foot cable), and the portable design allows customers to carry this speaker anywhere.

However what excites me most about the Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker are the 8 speaker drivers. This means that listeners will be able to enjoy crisp, high notes at loud volume as well as a deep strong bass. The audio quality will not disappoint any buyer and for only $118 I’d say that’s pretty amazing.

3. Altec Lansing inAir 5000

Altec Lansing inAir 5000

Altec Lansing inAir 5000

Altec Lansing inAir 5000 – the sound quality delivered by this model that costs only $250 is amazing and even audiophiles will agree with that. The streamed sound is handled by a speaker for mid-range, a tweeter for high-range sounds, and a subwoofer for the best bass. Even if there is a single woofer incorporated, the bass is powerful so the low notes are of incredible quality.

The covered range is the same with the range offered by your wireless router so the better the router the more coverage you get for using the gadgets as remote controls. The only downside is the absence of a dock connector however I wouldn’t leave this little detail stand between me and the wonderful listening session.

Leaving behind the exceptional streamed sounds, the second thing I like best about the Altec Lansing inAir 5000 is the Ethernet connection as alternative if you ever find that your wireless network is not functioning.

4. Logitech UE Air Speaker 980-000625

Logitech UE Air Speaker 980-000625

Logitech UE Air Speaker 980-000625

It’s a best AirPlay speaker a little more expensive than the above 3 models, exceptional as well. This model delivers uncompressed audio received wirelessly from iPhone (even iPhone 3G)/iPad/iPod Touch and even from a laptop with Mac or Windows as operating system. It also features a dock connector for iPad/iPhone/iPod classic/iPod Nano. The installation process is handled by a setup app, nothing easier than that. Dock the gadget, download the app, enter the network password, and the end. You are ready for listening to the best AirPlay speaker for the money.

The Logitech UE Air Speaker 980-000625 has the following drivers incorporated: 2 tweeters for the high notes as loud as it gets, 2 woofers handling the bass and thee mid-range sounds, and an addition of 2 rear ports for effortlessly enhancing the bass produced by the woofers.

These drivers are definitely the main reason for choosing the Logitech UE Air Speaker 980-000625. We will be able to hear your favorite tunes in the entire house, in any corner, and if you want to throw the loudest party, then you will get that too, effortlessly. Moreover, the iOS devices can be used as remote controls from up to 300 feet. That is something and now, after all these specifications readers might understand why the price starts from $130.

5. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is the most expensive portable best AirPlay speaker on my top 5. It is compatible with any iDevice and works with Mac and Windows as well, incorporating a dock as well. The sound is streamed all the way as the wireless connection goes. For installation, download an app and then connect the device with a USB cord to your speaker. If your iDevice is docked and want to transfer more playlist live the device docked, connect the speaker to your computer with the USB cord, and that’s all. The syncing process will begin for playlists, apps, bookmarks, contacts, and calendars. Users can input music directly from their PC/Mac.

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is the best AirPlay speaker due to the following 5 amplifiers that together deliver a power of 150W: 2 aluminum tweeters, 2 drivers for mid-range, and 1 subwoofer for the bass. The entire house will be instantly filled with the most pleasant sounds, at any volume the listener wants them to go. Buyers who can afford to spend approx. $399, should definitely choose the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air as the best AirPlay speaker.

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