Supertooth Disco 2 Speaker Review

 The SuperTooth Disco 2 has a slick looking design. It comes in multiple colors. The blue, red, pink, green or black Supertooth will give you a good music experience while looking trendy.

Supertooth Disco 2 Speaker

Supertooth Disco 2 Speaker


The design of this speakers system is meant to be portable but also powerful. It can’t compare to the Marley Chant for the size, but it easily outranks at the sound level. It weights 19.8 oz which is very light to carry around anywhere.
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The Supertooth Disco 2 can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device (iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets etc.). If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry because a 3.5 mm input jack is available with the system. Sadly there are no speakerphone functionality.

Battery Life

Battery life is rated for 10 hours of play on a medium volume and 4 hours on high volume. To get the speakers fully charge, you will need two hours of your time. There is a provided 12V cable to charge the speaker which isn’t really convenient but not a major issue as far as I know. For some people it might even be convenient!

Power output

The SuperTooth Disco 2 has a power output of 16 watts. Considering is price tag at under 50$, and the size of the speakers, this is very impressive.


• Good sound quality.
• Price is fair at under 50$.
• Powerful, 16 watts of power.
• Can play up to 10 hours on a medium volume.
• Color choices : blue, red, pink, green and black.


• Needs a 12V cable to charge.
• Can play up to 4 hours on high volume.
• No speakerphone possible.

This is definitely a good buy; the difference maker will be the price tag you are willing to pay. Overall it’s a great product with a great design and plenty of power for a portable speaker. This speaker is definitely recommended.


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