Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset

Many Sharkoon X-Tatic review posts in the internet state that this headset model comes with a very sophisticated design. This is not just excellent in terms of its overall appeal, but is also superb when it comes to its functionality.

This is instilled with state-of-the-art headset stereo that will offer you with epic gaming sound output. This is also a very versatile headset as based on each Sharkoon X-Tatic review you can read on the internet. This can perfectly match with your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and many more devices. Its built in amplifier will provide you with the chance to modify its sound intensity based from what you want.

This is also made with the portable design that makes it good for travelling and outdoor escapades. Of course, expect that there are also other superb features that you can expect when you get Sharkoon X-Tatic in the future. No wonder why there are so many Sharkoon X-atic review posts in several sites that recommend the use of the product over the other selections available.

By simply looking for other Sharkoon X-Tatic review and testimonials in the internet, you will surely be enlightened about what this product can provide you. But before that, this Sharkoon X-Tatic review will first present to you the price range of getting the product. This is to ensure that you can immediately secure the price needed in purchasing this product.

Precisely, the price range of Sharkoon X-Tatic is from $59.96 to $79.99. Depending on the source of the product, you can find different warranty periods. So when you are in your quest of looking for the best headset model, you know that Sharkoon X-Tatic is among the top selections available for you.


81WrnHR5eIL._SX425_Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Product Features

  • Based on other Sharkoon X-Tatic review posts, the product comes with the cable length of 370 cm. This also comes with competent 40 mm speakers that will surely offer you great sounds.
  • There is also a microphone in Sharkoon X-Tatic that can be connected to the controller of Xbox 360. This is also made with in-line amplifier that will offer you with the best audio output ever.
  • There is a separate volume control that you can find in Sharkoon X-Tatic which is good for voice communication. According to other Sharkoon X-Tatic reviews, this will never require you to use any form of adaptor.
  • The overall diameter of the headphone is about 40 mm. The impedance is 40 and the sensitivity is 118 dB +/- 3 dB bei 1 KHz.




 Of course, it is also important that you understand some of the pros of the product from this Sharkoon X-Tatic review. When it comes to the sound quality of this product, there is no complaint about that. This can provide you with the greatest quality of sound ever. What you will also like the most about this headset model is that it also comes with great comfort when used. This will not cause any inconvenience to you. The thickness if the cord is also commendable. This is because of the fact that it adds durability to the product. The portable features of this are also applauded in every Sharkoon X-Tatic review that you can find out there.


After knowing some of the pros of this product, this Sharkoon X-Tatic review will also reveal to you some cons or problems that might be a big deal for you. Other customers say in some Sharkoon X-Tatic review post that the product is not that good for long lasting use. Actually, this is not a concern anymore. If you are careful in using Sharkoon X-Tatic, rest assured that this will definitely last for a longer span of time. Other than this, there are no major concerns that are raised against Sharkoon X-Tatic.

Customer Reviews and Scores

 If you visit Amazon, you will find total of 137 Sharkoon X-Tatic review posts posted in the site. Out of that number of review, there were 61 which rated the item with 5 stars. On the other hand, there were 33 which gave the headset with 4 stars, 17 with 3 stars, 15 with 2 stars and 11 with 1 star. Overall, those scores given by such Sharkoon X-Tatic reviews have a cumulative score of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. This means that you will be satisfied when you get this product in the future.


 The verdict of this Sharkoon X-Tatic review is that the headset model is satisfactory. This means that Sharkoon X-Tatic is recommended to you. This is loaded with all satisfying features that you will surely love the most. There are other Sharkoon X-Tatic review posts that you can find online, and you will discover that this product is also recommended for people who are looking for cutting-edge headset model.


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