Popular Materials for Cocktail Tables

Bar tables, sometimes known as coffee or cocktail tables, are a quick and easy way to update any living room furniture collection. Cocktail tables are available in many styles and colors, so you can choose from all the popular materials for cocktail tables to find just the right look for your living room. While finding furniture can be a challenge, once you know what you like, narrowing the field becomes an easier task.

Cocktail Table Materials:

  1. Wood tables: Wood is a classic choice for cocktail tables. Durable and sturdy, it lasts for years and won’t spill your drink if you bump it while walking by. Wood is susceptible to staining, so make sure to give your guests coasters if you want to preserve the fresh-from-the-factory look of the finish.
  2. Metal tables: Metal tables are typically smaller than standard cocktail tables. They work perfectly at the ends of a sofa or next to an armchair. Doubling as an end table, a metal cocktail table is usually designed to provide a resting place for a single person’s drink, book, magazine or cup of coffee. Metal tables have the advantage of resisting stains when drinks are spilled.
  3. Glass tables: Glass tables evoke a modern feel in any room. The transparent nature of glass provides a more open feel in a dark room and complements the play of light in an open, airy room. Glass cocktail tables are easily wiped clean but do have a tendency to show fingerprints unless maintained. Most glass coffee tables, for practical reason of stability and construction, are paired with either metal or wood. Chrome, brushed steel and other metals keep an extra modern feel while wood adds a more traditional vibe. When paired with wrought iron, glass can have a patio furniture feel.
  4. Wicker tables: A wicker cocktail table can add a nice, casual feel to any living room. Typically used to craft outdoor furniture, wicker is becoming more popular in cocktail tables and other living room furniture. For stability, it’s smart to choose a wicker table with a glass top, otherwise drinks and snacks might slide and tip.

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