Hp Wifi Mobile Wireless Mouse

The new HP mobile mouse does away with the need for USB dongle or a small hardware gadget that if fitted into the USB port. The small cursor hooks up to the wireless connection of a laptop with a nine-month battery span. It comes along with AA batteries, driver and quick-tart guidebook. The batteries are mounted in the mouse with a pull-up tab to avert untimely discharging. The appearance emphasizes the convenience of smaller mice.

The Wi-Fi mouse works only with Windows 7 computers and not with Macintosh units and earlier versions of Windows. So be careful not to buy this unless your computer has Windows 7 and definitely don’t if your a mac user.

It has a pretty slick design and it’s rubber sides make it nice and easy to handle in either hand. It features a cool 4-way tilt smooth scroll wheel, so you can navigate left, right, up and down quickly and effortlessly. One of our favorite features is that you can save battery by disconnecting the mouse to the wifi with the ‘sleep mode’ feature, to reactivate and start using the mouse again simply press the ‘connect’ button on the bottom.

Overall rating:

We do really like this mouse, however the on niggle that we have with it is that windows 7 is required and some users have reported problems with that, for this we rate the mouse a little lower than we would if it was compatible with windows earlier versions and macs.


  • Great tilt wheel feature that allows for left, right, up and down scrolling.
  • Slick design with rubber sides that allow for easy left and right hand usage.


  • Only compatible with Windows 7.

Available from:

  1. HP WiFi Mouse

    41y+GPKiaWL._SL160_HP WI-FI Mobile Mouse

  2. HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse – Steel Gray

    41RF2HlgiML._SL160_Connect the HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse to your PC without using a USB receiver or wires. Now, you can free up USB ports for other devices. Just make

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