How to Organize Your Bathroom Vanity?

In the morning rush to get out the door each morning, it can be a challenge to keep your  bathroom vanity organized and neat. Hair brushes, makeup, toiletries, bath linens and clothes quickly pile up on the bathroom vanity countertop. Whether you have lots of storage space or need to make the most of every inch in your bathroom vanity, organizing your bathroom vanity will simplify your life and allow you to come home to a clean space.

Organizing a Bathroom Vanity:

  1. Start with a blank slate. Clear off your bathroom vanity, setting all makeup, bottles and other items in a box or basket. Clean the bathroom vanity counter with an all-purpose cleaner. Not only does this give you a fresh starting point, it allows you to visualize the space you have and get organized.
  2. Place loose items in more attractive containers. Place cotton balls, cotton swabs and bath salts in clear glass medicine jars or other attractive containers. This allows you to see the items but keeps them organized and off the bath vanity counter.
  3. Take advantage of existing storage. If your bathroom vanity has built-in storage, organize your makeup, hair products and personal toiletries into dedicated drawers or cabinets. If you have space, store these items on a shelf or beneath the vanity. If you do not have space, just line up some decorative baskets along the back of the vanity. The baskets will hide many of the products, giving your counter a neat appearance.
  4. Organize soaps and toothbrushes. If your bathroom vanity includes a sink, be sure you have soap dishes and toothbrush holders, so your soap and brushes aren’t just lying next to the sink.

Bathroom Organization Tips:

  1. Drape a towel next to your bathroom vanity and use it each morning to quickly wipe down the counter. This can help remind you to put all your personal items away each morning, since you cannot easily wipe a cluttered counter.
  2. Consider installing a medicine cabinet, towel holder and hair-dryer holder to utilize vertical wall space near your bathroom vanity. All of these items free up precious counter space and also keep items you use every day easily accessible. If you cannot install any fixtures, either due to rent restrictions or lack of tools, consider adding shelving or stackable storage containers beneath your sink so that you can still take advantage of the available vertical space.
  3. Mirror-mounted shelves and other accessories that are held in place with suction cups can keep things off the bath vanity counter.

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