How to Find Great Cheap Leather Chairs

Leather furniture adds a rich and comfortable atmosphere to any room, but leather can be expensive. While there are leather chairs that are $500 and up, it is possible to find high-quality, beautiful leather chairs for under $200. If you’d like a leather chair but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’ll just need to consider a few factors before you start shopping to make sure your affordable leather chair is a good choice for your home.

Choosing a Leather Chair:

  1. Strike a balance between leather quality and price. Expensive leather chairs will be soft to the touch, while inexpensive leather chairs will be less so. Although inexpensive chairs may not feel as good at first, the leather will get softer the longer you use it. Even inexpensive leather will feel soft and comfortable after a few years. You will need to decide what your budget is and whether or not you want to wait for your leather to soften over time.
  2. Choose a strong frame. Choose a leather chair with a sturdy frame material, such as metal or dense wood. While kiln-fired hardwood is the best material, it will drive up the price. Pine is usually the best type of wood for chairs because it is both inexpensive and sturdy. Ensure that the frame is well constructed. Cheaply made leather chairs will have frames secured with just staples, nails or glue. Although this lowers the price, it produces furniture that falls apart with regular use. Instead, look for well-made inexpensive leather chairs that use metal screws or brackets to secure the frame.
  3. Check for durable stitching. Look for durable stitching when shopping for your perfect leather chair. Even if you find a chair with high-quality leather, it may fall apart if not sewn together correctly. This can lead to giving your chair a run-down and flimsy appearance. A leather chair made with durable stitching will maintain its rich and regal appearance for many years.
  4. Look for a modern style. A chair with clean lines and a simple silhouette is often easier to make, and therefore more likely to be less expensive. If you look for chairs with less ornamentation, you can often get ones that are still made of very good leather.

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