How to Find Comfortable, Inexpensive Office Chairs?

The combination of a comfortable work station and office chair is critical to your productivity and health. Some office chairs are not designed to properly fit the contours of the body and can lead to backaches and other related problems. It’s possible to find a viable option, however, for a great price. Look below to learn how to find comfortable, inexpensive office chairs.

Choosing Office Chairs:

  1. Research office chairs by browsing the hundreds of models available. Make a note of a chair you find comfortable when visiting a friend’s or client’s office and look for comparable models. Search for similar styles or office chairs from the same manufacturer. Determine your budget and requirements.
  2. Decide the features you need. Identify the key ergonomic features you want in your office chair. These include the height, the shape and contour of the back rest, the type of arm rests and whether it swivels or is stationary. Other things you’ll want to think about include adjustable features such as seat height, back-rest height, knee tilt and movable arm rests. Take into consideration the nature of your work, your height, how extensively you will be using the chair, how much leg room you need and how well the chair will fit in your office space.
  3. Narrow your selection. Narrow your selection to a handful of chairs that satisfy your basic criteria. Compare them based on price, material and style and base your decision on the best value for the price you pay. A high-back executive leather chair with a head rest and adjustable height, for instance, may be on the high end of your budget, while a mesh back chair will be relatively inexpensive but also less durable. A vinyl office chair makes a good alternative to a leather chair when the price is a constraint and you are not too particular about the material. Many vinyl chairs offer similar comfort and style to their leather counterparts. Similarly, with a fabric chair, you may have a broader range to choose from; however, you’ll need to take into account the maintenance factor.
  4. Determine the most important factors. Depending on your office space and requirements, determine which factors in office-chair design are the most important for you. If there will be only one person using the chair, then you could trade in height adjustment for more durable material. If space is limited in your office, then consider buying compact, stationary chairs for guests and a executive swivel chair for yourself. If buying several chairs, buy a combination of mid-back and high-back chairs to meet the needs of people of various heights.

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