How to Buy Cocktail Tables

What are cocktail tables? What was once known just as a coffee table is now ready for the evening, and a cocktail table will enhance your living room’s style and add a touch of hospitality for your guests by offering a place to set down one’s drink. When purchasing a new cocktail table, it is important to find one that suits your style and budget. This article should help you learn how to buy cocktail tables.

Buying Cocktail Tables:

  1. Measure your furniture. Measure the height of the sofa or chair that will sit closest to the cocktail table. The table should be slightly shorter than the arm height of the person sitting next to it in order to make it easy to set down food and drinks.
  2. Choose the material. Pick the material you would like your table to be made from. Tables range in materials, with the most common being glass, metal and wood.
  3. Consider size and shape. Decide on the size and shape of the table. Look at the space it will occupy and decide which table will fit best in the area.
  4. Look at the overall style of your furnishings. Are you looking for something modern and minimalist or antiquarian and homey? The color and style of your table should blend with the environment it is being placed in.
  5. Decide on its use. Decide if your cocktail table should serve multiple uses. Some cocktail tables have two levels, one of which works as a lower basket. You can store puzzles or games for your guests in the lower level.
  6. Examine structure. Examine the table’s structure. How many legs does it have? Does it seem durable? Is any assembly required? Beyond appearance, it should also be sturdy so it doesn’t wobble or spill your guests’ drinks.


  1. If your table requires assembly, be sure you have all the necessary tools to set it up.
  2. Save all purchasing information and materials, especially if your table comes with a warranty.

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