FAQs about Dining Table Chairs

Choosing the right dining table chairs can make or break the look of your dining room. If you’ve already chosen a table, and most people have by the time they’re looking for chairs, then you know that dining room and bar furniture is available in a stunning array of choices. Before purchasing dining table chairs, ask yourself some key questions so you’re sure to get the furniture that’s right for you.

Questions about Dining Chairs:

1. Should I choose comfort or style?

Fortunately, this is no longer a question you have to consider! Dining table chairs now come in styles that are both stylish and comfortable. If you do feel the need to make a choice of style vs. comfort, consider where you’ll use the chairs. If you have a formal dining room that won’t see a lot of action, then pick the perfect chair to complete the look of your room. If your dining room is more family-friendly and will see many family dinners, then choose chairs for comfort.

2. How many chairs do I need?

The number of dining table chairs you need depends directly on the size of your dining room table. Consider how much room each chair will need, not just how much physical space each chair requires but also how much space you want between each chair so guests won’t feel crowded. Also, think about the features of your table: If it has leaves that you can remove or fold down, will you have somewhere to put your extra chairs when the table is in its smallest form?

3. Should I get chairs with arms or without?

Arms on chairs are entirely up to you. Traditionally, the chairs at the head and foot of the table have arms, and the chairs surrounding the sides of the table do not; but styles have changed, and a set of all armless chairs or a complete set with arms are both acceptable options. Armless chairs take up less room visually and physically, while arm chairs can encourage kids to keep their elbows off the table during long meals and provide support when elderly relatives try to exit the chair.

4. What about counter and bar stools?

Counter and bar stools are typically taller than dining room table chairs. Dining room table chairs are designed to fit a standard table, while bar furniture sits higher to accommodate a kitchen counter or bar-height table. Stools often feature a backless design, which can be uncomfortable for long periods of sitting, and you might find your knees crushed up against the underside of the table. Counter stools are best used in conjunction with bar furniture, but if you must have bar stools, measure carefully and choose some that will fit comfortably under your dining room table.

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