Best Rooms for Accent Chairs

Whether you’re looking for additional seating or additional style, you’ll find what you’re looking for in accent chairs. These versatile chairs are the perfect way to bring extra seating to a room while complementing your decor. Look below to learn more about the best rooms for accent chairs.

Where to Place Accent Chairs:

  1. Living room: Accent chairs are often found in living rooms. Because living rooms are so often used as the gathering place of the home, additional chairs are always in demand. Living room accent chairs can be made of the same material as the sofa, or you can choose chairs in a complementary fabric. Try mixing an upholstered sofa with leather accent chairs for a contemporary look. Your living room will look stunning with a pop of color, and your guests are sure to take note of your exceptional style.
  2. Home office: If your office is feeling a bit stale, spice it up with an accent chair. An accent chair will provide seating for visitors in addition to bringing some personality to your space. Just be careful not to let it become a place where you stack up files and papers. An accent chair’s function is aesthetic value, not storage.
  3. Bedroom: Accent chairs are terrific for bedrooms. They give you a place other than the bed to sit, and they’re great for relaxation and meditation. An accent chair can also help to break up space if your bedroom feels empty. Place the chair near your closet for a place to sit down and put on shoes, or place an upholstered accent chair near a window for a relaxing reading spot.
  4. Bathroom: Accent chairs in bathrooms are ideal in front of a vanity or near the tub. They can provide a place to sit while you fix your hair or a place to set your towel and robe while you bathe. If you are concerned about moisture, consider using a modern accent chair made of a sculpted material.
  5. Family room: Family rooms often double as recreation rooms, so casual accent chairs can add seating for family gatherings or parties. If snacks are often a part of these events, try a microfiber accent chair because it can be cleaned easily.

Accent Chair Tip:

  1. Accent chairs are sure to improve your home’s tone no matter what room you choose to put them in. Find one that’s fun and funky for entertaining purposes or pick one that blends seamlessly into the room. Either way, you’re sure to have a winner on your hands.

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