How to choose the Best Gaming Headset

For some people, video gaming is one way of escaping reality and for the best escape you need the best gaming headset 2015! With just a press of a button, you can be someone else for a while and set aside the things that are bothering you. You can have the satisfaction of having different archetypes and being different characters but yourself. For instance, a clumsy four-eyed gamer can suddenly be a tough nut soldier blowing away grenades and firing machine guns at opponents. Any gamer can escape his true persona and be somebody he wants for a while.

But how else can one be a true gamer? By being in the game of course! By truly seeing himself as the character and feeling what the characters are feeling. All of this can be experienced with the help of a very good audio system. You can either have an expensive speaker set, or a more convenient gaming headset. Although it’s sure that you can have a nice gaming experience with both, a true gamer never leaves his throne. Meaning, choosing speakers during your late night to early morning gaming sessions can earn you a visit from the police officers because of disturbing the peace of your lovely neighbors. So if you are that dedicated to your games, consider having a headset instead.

What to look for a Gaming Headset?

There are 5 certain things to consider in buying a gaming headset:

  • First of all is your budget. Fortunately, with the demand of quality gaming headsets today, there are enough units to choose from without hurting your pocket. Besides, having a headset is a lot cheaper than buying a whole external audio system. Set your budget, then work with it.
  • Second, you have to consider comfort – DEFINITELY comfort. This is important because for gamers who play for hours, owning a comfortable headset can reduce the chance of acquiring a headache and sore ears. Buying one with cushioned ear cuffs would be a great help. Also, adjustable headsets are convenient to accompany all head sizes.
  • Third, a built-in microphone feature. This is a trend to gaming headsets nowadays. Before, headsets only offer audio compatibility and you still have to buy a different microphone device. Gamers chat with each other through typing and can be seen onscreen. But with a mic, they can now speak to one another giving a more fun gaming experience.
  • Fourth, a force feedback. This is very handy with games that can accommodate vibrations or buzzing for actions like when the character is shooting a gun. With this amazing feature, gaming would be a more real life experience.
  • Lastly, sound quality. What else is the primary function of a gaming headset? From whatever the gamer’s preference for the frequency of the headset is, may it be a booming bass or a much lighter sound, it is imperative that the sounds from the game are projected perfectly.

Top Best Gaming Headset 2015

1. Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech has been a reliable brand for years. And considering the quality of the products they deliver, the price for the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 is not that expensive. This unit has cushioned ear cuffs that fit perfectly in your ears and it is also adjustable. Even the headband is supported in foam making it more comfortable.

The built-in microphone not only is handy but it is also a noise cancelling boom mic. A boom mic was popularized with media related work for its ability to capture even the slightest sounds. But this built-in boom mic feature reduces the unnecessary background noise. A plus feat is that it automatically turns to mute when you rotate the mic off of you. The red light indicator tells you if your mic is turned on or off. This headset also offers the three programmable G-keys that can easily be customized for touch commands found on the ear cuff.

Sound quality is also superb because of the Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology. Because of this, the gamer can totally be in the game as even the footsteps of the virtual opponent can be heard giving the gamer an advantage.

Then the best feature this baby has to offer – it’s wireless. It’s sometimes annoying that the wires get in your way. But fret not, as the ad of this product says, there are no more wires to tie you down. So if you’re the kind of person that needs numerous trips to the bathroom to take a pee, then this is the best gaming headset 2015 for you. You can walk away from the computer and you can still hear everything within a 40 feet range. No need to spend cash on disposable batteries because the headset comes with a full speed USB recharging base and you can still use it even when charging.

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2. TurtleBeach EarForce Z22 Amplified PC Gaming Headset

TurtleBeach EarForce Z22 Amplified PC Gaming Headset

TurtleBeach EarForce Z22 Amplified PC Gaming Headset

This product, like the Logitech Wireless Headset is a budget friendly gadget. Still with amazing features, it can be included in the list as the best gaming headset 2015.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force is made with big ear cups and comfortable breathable mesh cushions for all ear sizes. Sore ears are not a problem because you won’t even feel stress to it because of this lightweight product; just pure, time consuming gaming fun.

The built-in microphone is also a wonder because of the dynamic chat boost. There are times in games when a sudden blast of volume happens and you won’t hear what the other player said for commands. With this headset, the chat volume is automatically increased.

Because of the separate bass and treble adjustment, the gamer can effortlessly decide when to boost the bass or tweak the treble for a more realistic gaming. This headset is also versatile as it can be used for different gadgets even with mobile phones and other gaming consoles. It is even compatible with windows or mac.

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3. Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The Plantronics GameCom Headset is built in a comfortable design with the ear and headband padded cushions. It has also a built-in spin joint that allows your headset to swivel so that it can lay flat. Unlike the big and bulky headsets that do not have this feature, this Plantronics GameCom Headset is ideal for easy storage. Although in gaming headset reviews 2015, some experienced that the built-in spin joint snapped and their headsets are no more. So if you can’t take care of this headset properly, this is not for you.

The noise cancelling mic provides clarity in communication with all your chat mates while gaming. No need to have batteries for this headset because the USB connection is directly attached to the PC or the laptop.

Like the other headsets, this also has the Dolby 7.1 surround sound experience. It packs a punch with its 40mm speakers that have a deep bass. Playing a game featuring zombies trying to eat your brains would be a lot more challenging because of this. The volume can also be easily adjusted because it is placed right at the ear pods. You can tweak the volume any time you want without never losing focus in the game.

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4. SteelSeries Siberia V2 Navi Full-Size Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Navi Full-Size Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Navi Full-Size Gaming Headset

This SteelSeries V2 was upgraded with new thicker leather ear cuffs, giving comfort and style to buyers. This headset is one of the best gaming headset 2015 because it is part of the Natus Vincere Edition, which is the official headset of Natus Vincere, the World Champion gaming organization.

The retractable microphone in the left ear cup can easily be put away when not in use. There is no more constant need to have a stick poking in your mouth each time you play.

This headset is a closed-ear audio device, locking all the game sounds in your ear perfectly. Instead of the usual wherein the mic is the one doing the noise reduction, the leather material on the ear cuffs would neither let the game sounds escape nor let background noise enter. You will surely be submerged in gaming for hours and hours without even noticing it. With a 50mm unit driver, these babies can surely give you crystal clear quality sound. A volume controller is also placed on the cord for you to adjust manually.

What else would you consider with this headset? It is already built in cooperation with professional gamers’ demands and needs for an extraordinary gaming experience. With the involvement of the world renowned gaming group Natus Vincere in the production of this headset, you can truly feel like a part of this group and be professional gamer just like them.

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5. Razer Kraken PRO Over Ear PC and Music Headset

Razer Kraken PRO Over Ear PC and Music Headset

Razer Kraken PRO Over Ear PC and Music Headset

This Razer Kraken headset is built with a durable plastic material, making it lightweight suitable for extended playing hours. Although it is only made with plastic, the material is still strong and cannot be broken easily. The ear cuffs and the headband are still padded offering supreme comfort to the user.

Like the Steelseries gaming headset, this one also has a fully retractable boom mic feature. It is perfect when taking calls an it can be easily stored away when not in use.

This gaming headset has 40mm unit drivers that claims to play quality high, mid, and low sounds. With this headset, outside noise will be blocked as it is a closed ear headset with plush padding.

With these features laid out, this headset is only receiving okay praises from the gaming headset reviews 2015. Unfortunately, it has no volume controller and you still have to download it to make it work. Also, reviews say that the ear cups are not that comfortable because the ear cups were too big.

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6. Razer Battlefield 4 Razer Black Shark PC Gaming Headset

Razer Battlefield 4 Razer Black Shark PC Gaming Headset

Razer Battlefield 4 Razer Black Shark PC Gaming Headset

This headset is still budget friendly with the quality it gives. The Razer Battlefield 4 Razer Black Shark headset is designed to be like the aviator headsets used by attack pilots. Pilots need to have quality headsets to hear commands accurately and if a headset is designed to be like one. Then there’s quality sound alright.

The detachable boom mic is perfect for options on whether to use it for gaming or for walks around the park just listening to music.

This headset is made with a circumaural design and is packed with leatherette sealants in the cuffs to clock away outside noise. Because of this, intense and life like gaming sounds will surely be a thrill. Reviews for this product are proving it is a big hit because the sounds are projected perfectly, especially with the heart pounding bass.

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Best Gaming Headset- Last Option

Audio Technica ATHADG1 Open-Back Gaming Headset

Audio Technica ATHADG1 Open-Back Gaming Headset

Audio Technica ATHADG1 Open-Back Gaming Headset

This gaming headset is in the list for the top gaming headsets 2015. Although the price is a bit expensive, there are cool features to justify its worth.

With its open-air design, it is very light to carry around and will never be uncomfortable to the ears. With the clever design of the head support, you wouldn’t feel it weighing down on your head.

The microphone captures clear voice commands. It comes with its own sound card and the 53mm drivers can give optimum sound experience, and is the first of its kind among all other gaming headsets. The sound is projected crystal clear and pristine, giving the gamer a very enjoyable gaming session.

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