Best Dining Chairs for Every Dining Room

When you choose furniture for your dining room, you set the stage for the type of room it will be. Will you choose pieces that make the room feel elegant, cozy, or playful? Once you’ve decided what feeling you want, you can start your search for dining room furniture. And no matter what style of dining room you want, there are dining chairs that will add the function and appearance that you want.

Different Rooms, Different Chairs:

  1. Contemporary dining rooms: Rich tones and cool textures will keep your dining room looking up-to-date. Dark browns and black look very current, whether it’s the wood color or it’s in the upholstery. Metal and acrylic are also good textures for a modern room. Leather dining chairs are comfortable and perfect for a home with children because they’re very easy to clean; to keep them contemporary, look for leather chairs without much ornamentation.
  2. Traditional dining rooms: To get the elegant feeling of a traditional dining room, choose chairs that feature rich ornamentation and luxurious upholstery. Velvet chairs, chenille chairs, and linen chairs would all create the classic feeling you’re looking for. If you’d like leather chairs, look for ones accented with nailhead trim.
  3. Retro dining rooms: Reproductions of vintage dining furniture give your home a distinct style without breaking the budget. Playful vinyl and chrome chairs will take your home back to the simpler times of the 1940s and ’50s. The clean lines of mid-century modern dining chairs will give a 21st-century home a sophisticated, timeless feeling.
  4. Country dining rooms: Even if you live in the city, you can give your dining room country charm. Just look for natural materials and classic designs that may have been seen in an old farmhouse. Spindle-back chairs and bentwood chairs will look like they have some history. Paired with a thick wood dining table, metal tabouret chairs give your home a rustic, welcoming feeling.
  5. Eclectic dining rooms: Mixing styles, colors, and textures gives a room a warm, lived-in feeling. You can be a rule-breaker and mix up the chairs you use. Try using two similar chairs at the ends of the table and contrasting chairs on the sides. Or use all different chairs that have the same finish.

Dining Room Chair Tips:

  1. Chairs with narrow bases or legs will keep a small room from feeling crowded.
  2. Arm chairs can take up a lot of space. Reserve them for the ends of the table and use armless chairs on the sides of the table.

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