Best Desk For Small Space: Studio RTA A-Tower Corner Wood Computer Desk

After reading the reviews, I was a little worried about putting this thing together. When I got it out of the box, I carefully made sure all the parts were there, and noted that, like others mentioned, it looks much darker than the picture would suggest. Using a single screwdriver and the included Allen wrench, I got it together in about an hour and a half, by myself with no major issues (two tool marks on one of the legs due to my own carelessness).

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On quality

The boards are a high-quality particleboard. It looks and feels nice, not cheap at all. The metal is nicely finished, with no defects. Overall, well worth the price. I was worried the little supports would be metal-colored wood, but they’re actually all metal, so very sturdy.

On assembly

Some of the screws were mixed together in the package, make sure you separate them first. Attach the keyboard tray board last – it’s easier to do it while the desk is upright, and you’ll need the extra room when attaching the support poles. The shelves are tricky, but not terribly difficult. Hold the board like a waiter holds their tray, and get both side bolts and at least one back bolt all halfway in. Then, add the last back bolt and tighten. Not too hard, just takes some care and planning. If you want, you can use small screw hooks (not included) with a chain to anchor the upper tower to the wall. I had intended to, but after I got it together, I realized it wasn’t needed.

On size

It fits well into a corner, and it’s about 6 feet tall. The lower shelf can fit a mid-tower computer case (relatively large) without too much issue. The desk could fit two small monitors, or one ultrawide (I’m using an 29″ ultrawide.) The upper shelves fit a small-medium sized printer without issue, but I would not try to fit a large all in one. The top shelf I just used for knick-knacks, I don’t know if I’d risk putting anything heavy up that high.


No holes for cable management. At all. I knew this when I bought it (so I won’t lop off a star), but it would have been nice to have.


If you need to maximize desk space while minimizing floor space used, get this desk. I turned a small reading nook into my office with zero space issues. I have a gaming PC, ultrawide monitor, laser printer, shredder, and a nice office chair all tucked into a nook that used to only fit a recliner and a footrest.

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