How to Pick an Office Chair to Reduce Back Pain?

Office Chair to Reduce Back PainIf you spend a lot of time working at a desk, especially typing, then you are susceptible to back pain. While no office chair exists that will completely eliminate back pain, it is possible to find one that will help heal your aching back. Look below to learn how to pick an office chair to reduce back pain.

Picking an Office Chair:

  1. Choose a chair with adjustable height. To reduce back pain, your feet should be flat on the floor and your thighs should be horizontal with the ground while you’re sitting. If your knees are higher or lower than your hips, you will experience more back pain.
  2. Choose a chair with lumbar support. This type of chair curves inward onto your lower back, helping support your back. These office chairs also prevent slouching. The entire backrest should be adjustable so that you can place the lumbar support in the required location for your back.
  3. Think about seat depth. Choose a chair with a seat depth that accommodates all but 2 to 4 inches of your thighs. The seat should be wide enough to accommodate your frame but not so wide that it forces you to rest your elbows away from your body. The seat cushion should be comfortable enough to allow for long periods of sitting at one time.
  4. Pick a swivel chair. To avoid twisting your back in order to reach for objects on your desk, choose an office chair that swivels.

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