Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Ever since their invention in Victorian England, bathroom vanities have always been on the cutting edge of home design style. However, when you are putting in bathroom vanities, chances are you’ll want them to remain there for a good deal of time. Instead of picking out just any extreme fad, make sure you choose a stylish bathroom vanity that can stand the test of time. Before you dive into  bathroom remodeling, here are some tips on picking a bath vanity you’ll love having in your home for years to come.

Bathroom Vanity Trends:

  1. Floating vanity: Traditional vanities stand flat on the ground with a sink and, usually, a mirror at the top. However, the bathroom cabinets on floating vanities are attached to the wall and never touch the floor. You can get them in several styles, some of which have two bathroom sinks attached, with a mirror over each faucet. A floating bathroom vanity has a sleek, modern look but avoids becoming quickly dated by its simplistic look.
  2. Classic wood vanity: The best way to make  bathroom furnituretimeless is to return to an older style. Many super-chic bath vanities are being made with stained wood and are in-tune with older bathroom designs reminiscent of the Victorian and post-Victorian periods. You’ll love the classic style, and your friends will be impressed  ty: Some modern bathroom vanities have a sink that extends out of the bathroom cabinet like a bowl, hearkening back to Grecian and Roman designs. Not only does it have a classic, ancient look that will look great in your bathroom; it is very functional. Instead of bending down to use the water in the sink, you can simply lean slightly over the vanity because the sink is lifted to make access quite a bit easier. Simply plug the drain and let the sink fill for easy use and water conservation.
  3. Minimalist vanity: Some bathroom fixtures come in very simple designs, with just one or two drawers and a long flat surface. Some even forego the surface in favor of a stand-alone sink or a sink cut off quickly, with a bathroom cabinet going straight to the floor or attached to the wall like other bathroom wall cabinets. If you like to keep things simple, you’ll love these bathroom vanities.

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