Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Storage Bench

All furniture serves multiple functions, acting as decoration and providing practical use as a table or seating or storage. But one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can put in your home is a storage bench. And if you don’t already have a versatile  storage bench in your home, you should consider the many different functions a storage bench can give you.

The Top 5:

  1. Seating: An upholstered storage bench makes great additional seating in your living room, entertainment space or dining area when you entertain. Depending on your taste and your room’s decor, you could choose a casual, fabric-upholstered storage bench or a more sophisticated one with leather upholstery and elaborate tufting. It could also be used in a hallway or foyer or by a window to provide seating without obstructing a pathway or view.
  2. Storage: As the name implies, the storage bench doubles as storage for various items, depending on where it is used. You could store magazines, books, additional pillows or cushions, throws or other accessories inside a living room storage bench. A cheerfully designed storage bench offers an easy storage solution for kids’ rooms, where it can hold toys, clothes, books and stationery. Quick clean-ups are easier when you have a storage bench at hand. Storage benches can be used for shoes, tools, books, photo albums and just about anything you want to store within reach but out of sight.
  3. Coffee table: Use a storage bench as a coffee table or a surface to set down your serving tray. Some storage benches come with flip-top tray tables where the cushions are flipped over and used as a flat serving surface. But, even without that feature, you can still use most flat storage benches for this purpose. Similarly, a storage bench can be used for displaying magazines or books or just kicking up your heels and relaxing.
  4. Accent piece: A well-chosen storage bench can spruce up your living room, bedroom, dining area or hallway. A storage bench could be used to tie in the colors and themes of your room and to serve as an accent piece that has multiple functions. The style, colors, textures and structure of a storage bench may even serve as inspiration when redecorating your room.
  5. Outdoors: A storage bench specially designed and crafted for outdoor use is a great addition to your patio or pool deck. Not only does it offer year-round seating for you and your guests; it also provides a way to store your pool toys, towels, garden accessories and magazines. Depending on the model and type of storage bench you choose, this is a great way to keep outdoor items dry yet easily accessible.

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