How to Clean a Leather Storage Bench

Keeping a fashionable leather storage bench in your family room or living room can give it that final touch and offer handy extra storage space. You can never go wrong with leather, and a leather storage bench offers some additional overflow seating or even a comfy leather ottoman. Like other leather furniture, leather storage benches require special care in order to extend their life. Chances are you’ll want your leather storage bench to last a good while, and no one wants a stained or dirty piece of furniture. After you’ve acquired a beautiful leather upholstered bench , use these tips to make sure it is sprucing up your home for years to come.

Cleaning a Leather Storage Bench:

  1. Identify: Be sure to check the tags on your  storage bench to determine what kind of leather it is made of. Some leathers are different than others and will require specific cleaning methods. Plus, the tag should give you warnings on some methods you shouldn’t use. Make sure to follow those directions, regardless of any other guides you might read on how to clean leather furniture.
  2. Vacuum: Use a low-power vacuum to pick up any loose dirt or residue. Be careful not to use a strong suction that could scratch the leather against the tube; try using the soft brush attachment or a small handheld vacuum.
  3. Mix and test: Take a quart of distilled water with just a very small amount of liquid soap mixed inside. Test the solution on a bottom corner of your leather bench furniture to make sure it doesn’t leave any marks. If it seems safe, continue cleaning the area with the solution and a slightly damp cloth.
  4. Rinse: After you’ve cleaned your leather benches with the solution, lightly dampen another wet cloth with just water. Rub the entire bench with the soft cloth, making sure to cover any surface that was cleaned with the soap solution.

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