Top 5 Modern Bench Styles

When you are choosing a modern bench for your home, look for something unique that makes a statement about you and your personality. The bench has evolved from just being a fashion afterthought to becoming the main focus of a room. The look and feel of today’s modern benches range from bold to simple, and if you’re looking for something with a modern twist, you shouldn’t have too much trouble; benches are produced in a variety of modern styles. Below, you’ll find the top five modern bench styles.

The Top 5 Modern Bench Styles:

  1. Intended for smaller living spaces, urban benches are sophisticated and well-designed. Such pieces tend to be smaller and lighter. The urban bench has striking lines and shapes and very little ornamentation. A vast range of colors are incorporated into this design as well as a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, glass, leather and microfiber.
  2. Sometimes the most modern pieces of furniture look to the past. Take retro benches, for example. These timeless pieces ignore current trends to give your home a uniquely modern look. Add a little funk to your decor with retro benches. They’re sure to be comfortable as well as entertaining.
  3. Art Deco. Art Deco is a timeless style defined by clean lines. Some distinctive features of the style are light finishes, glossy lacquer, medium-toned woods and mirrored or chrome surfaces. Although this style originated in the early twentieth century, the geometric lines help Art Deco benches fit in perfectly with modern decor. Their sleek and clean lines help generate a modern and updated feel in your home, apartment or office.
  4. Mid-century modern. Benches in this style tend to be stark and simple. Uncluttered and sleek lines accompanied by an almost sculptural quality are typical. Mid-century morden benches use a mix of traditional and non-traditional materials in a vast range of colors, but light woods are often the most popular. These benches are sure to be one of a kind.
  5. Casual contemporary. Casual contemporary is a relaxed style with rounded, eased edges. The most common materials for casual contemporary benches are medium-toned woods, glass, leather and a wide range of fabric textures. Another trait of casual contemporary benches is soft or overstuffed surfaces, such as sofa-pillow seats.

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